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Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s the simple explanation. You can monetize your own channel’s videos through Illustrated Sound and keep monetizing other users’ videos via Content ID.

Now for more details: When you monetize your music through Content ID, YouTube identifies ALL videos across the entire YouTube platform that contain your music, including videos uploaded by other people (known as “user-generated content” or UGC). YouTube then places ads on those videos and you earn a share of the ad revenue. Illustrated Sound was made to work in conjunction with this system, not interrupting it.

If you have your own YouTube channel and upload your own videos, you can monetize those videos directly through Illustrated Sound – even if they don’t include music – and use Content ID to monetize all other videos on YouTube that use your music.

In order to do this you’ll just need to contact your Content ID partner, tell them you’ll be monetizing your channel videos through the Illustrated Sound network, and they should “whitelist” your YouTube channel. They’ll know what to do from there!

A YouTube Network (also known as a multi-channel network or MCN) is a grouping of independent YouTube channels that have organized in order to more effectively create, monetize, and promote content on video platforms such as YouTube.

When you monetize your videos on YouTube, you are allowing them to serve up ads on those videos. Whenever a viewer clicks a banner ad or watches a video advertisement that plays before your video content, you are owed a share of that advertising revenue.

Yes. But there are big benefits to partnering with other content creators under Illustrated Sound. We’ll help you make more money. You’ll also have access to lower payout thresholds and a simplified payment process. We’ll also help you optimize your content so it generates more revenue.

It’s simple: power in numbers. We leverage multiple channels to help each individual channel owner drive viewer engagement, channel revenue, and build a bigger audience on YouTube.

No. You retain 100% ownership and creative control over your channel and videos. Illustrated Sound simply helps you make the most of your content.

It’s different for every content creator, and depends on a variety of factors including: the size of your audience, channel views, and the types of ads shown on your videos. However, we can help you optimize your content to ensure your ad revenue is maximized.

No – currently, Illustrated Sound is only helping content owners monetize the videos on their own YouTube channel.

No. We’re here to help all kinds of video content creators, including comedians, filmmakers, artists, poets, pundits, personalities, mad geniuses, happy geniuses, and more.

Go to and click the Apply button. We’ll need some information about you, your YouTube channel, your hopes and dreams – and we’ll get back to you with details.

We hope you won’t want to, but you’re free to leave at any time – we just need 30 days notice by email ([email protected])

We are a mighty but peaceful network of independent musicians, comedians, and filmmakers – leveraging the power of multiple YouTube channels to help you build your audience, drive video engagement, and grow your revenue from your content on YouTube.

Illustrated Sound is powered by CD Baby, the largest indie-only music distributor in the world, and one of the most trusted brands in “the biz” since it turned the music industry on its head in 1998. We’ve helped artists earn millions in YouTube ad revenue and that figure is rising quickly.

Nope. With Illustrated Sound, we’ll manage all that for you so you’ll have more time for video production, channel promotion, general hijinx, and the search for the perfect burrito. You don’t need to click on any channel monetization links inside your YouTube account.

If you’ve been earning money directly through the AdSense program, any unpaid ad revenue will remain in your AdSense account. If that amount is under your payment threshold, you’ll need to contact AdSense to request payment. Remember to say “please” and “thank you.”

The short answer: it depends on where you’ve set your payment threshold with Illustrated Sound, but could be as often as monthly.

We receive monthly payments and reporting from YouTube. When you earn ad revenue, we add that money to your Illustrated Sound account. If your balance exceeds the payment threshold you’ve set (as low as $5), then we will issue payment to you that same day.

We support payment through PayPal & Direct Deposit (US only)

Illustrated Sound pays you 80% of the ad revenue generated by your content on YouTube.

Take your YouTube channel to the next level with Illustrated Sound.

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