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About Illustrated Sound

Illustrated Sound is powered by CD Baby, the largest indie–only music distributor in the world, and one of the most trusted brands in “the biz” since it turned the music industry on its head in 1998. We’ve already helped artists earn millions in YouTube ad revenue, and with Illustrated Sound that figure will rise quickly.

We are a mighty but peaceful network of independent musicians, comedians, and filmmakers — leveraging the power of multiple YouTube channels to help you build your audience, drive video engagement, and earn higher ad revenue from your content on YouTube.

As an MCN (multi–channel network), we apply the “power in numbers” principle to YouTube monetization, channel promotion, and more. But Illustrated Sound isn’t just about power in numbers; it’s about putting you — the artist, the creator, the person who’s actually turning your dreams and talents and quirks into videos worth viewing — first!

Illustrated Sound is a play on “illustrated song,” which was the name for the earliest short–form music videos. More than a century after people started pairing sounds with images, music videos are still one of the most powerful forms of entertainment.

With Illustrated Sound, your videos will move more people, generate more income, and help you build your career without ever giving up control of your videos, your channel, or your creative vision.

Take your YouTube channel to the next level with Illustrated Sound.

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